Shredding Machine SHARK Series

Zerkleinerer Baureihe SHARK

 Aggressive Shredding

The heavy shredders of the SHARK series are able to shred materials like wood, miscanthus, cardboard, paper, plastic, cable and many more. It is our mission to offer the best possible quality and longevity of products. For this very reason compacto machines are manufactured in Germany.
The single shaft shredders will be adapted to the customer's material, the required throughput performance and the needed granule size. It is possible to choose from various machine widths, rotor diameters, drive engine variants, screen perforations and hopper sizes.


The material to be shredded will be filled into the hopper of the SHARK shredder. At the bottom of the hopper runs a hydraulic slider pushing the material against the rotating rotor. The electricity-consumption of the rotor is monitored with a Siemens PLC control system. The slider is clock-controlled and works in connection with the needed electricity-consumption of the rotor, always with the maximum possible pressure. As a result, the machine always produces the maximum throughput, no matter what material is used.

The material is shredded between the cutting tips and the counter knife. Behind the cutting rotor is a screen installed. Once the crushed material fits through the holes of the screen, it falls into the gutter and chips can be removed by suction, conveyor belt or conveyor screw. The machine can be operated in manual or automatic mode. In automatic mode, the machine switches off automatically when no more material is in the hopper.


• Profile Rotor
• Sturdy, edged machine base
• Second row of knives
• Fast hydraulics
• Special hopper for big material
• High performance gear box
• Pulse controlled hydraulic piston
• V-Belt drive
• Turbo coupling starting with a 22 kW engine
• Siemens PLC-Control system
• CE certified










LxWxH mm




db (K=4dB)

 SHARK 53  510x810  0,4  15 1550x1100x1640 1000 75
 SHARK 63  630x810  0,6 18,5-22 1750x1200x1640 1200-1400 75
SHARK 83 830x1000 1,0 18,5-37 2290x1420x1750 1500-1700 76
SHARK 103 1030x1235 1,5 22-45 2460x1980x1750 2000-3000 76
SHARK 123 1230x1235 2,0 22-45 2460x1980x1750 2500-3500 77
SHARK 153  1530x1235  2,5  30-75 2460x2100x1750 3000-4000 78




SHARK 123:


SHARK 153: